Dead Horse? Scrivener for Linux Mint?

I think the metadiscussion is also severely injured, if not actually dead, and does not need to be flogged further.

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I don’t have a paid Scrivener, but I have an account because I tried it. I like the concept, but couldn’t figure out beginning chapters on right side pages, and formatting the prefix text (not title prefix) for exporting. Just dropped in randomly after reading praise to see if there were any updates on my issues.

And I found this post. I’m using Ubuntu and I share the OP’s dismay with Windows. Mine came with Norton antivirus that I simply couldn’t uninstall and I fixed it by reformatting the hard drive and installing Ubuntu.

BUT in case it helps anybody:

Getting scrivener to work is as simple as:

sudo apt install wine winetricks

And then from winetricks Uninstaller (don’t ask me why it isn’t called an installer) install the downloaded install file. That is it.

If it gives you any grief, use winetricks to install corefonts.

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My understand is that Scrivener can be installed under Linux but with a mixture of geekiness, luck, fair weather, good JuJu and lots of finger crossing (see the other post about the shenanigans to get it working).

It’s not a simple or native installation.

I’d love a native Linux version, but I accept it isn’t going to happen.

Have you tried following the tutorial and reading the manual to find how to achieve what you want.

If I understand what you are after correctly, it’s simple to get a section/chapter to start on the right (recto) page for compiling - check page 626 of the manual.

NOTE: the screenshot is from Mac - it should be roughly the same in the Win version, I just can’t be bothered firing up the VM.

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At the risk of getting told off by certain staff, I wouldn’t say it’s never going to happen, just more important fish to fry at present as mentioned above by one of the L&L team


Nope, it’s not a feature on Windows yet.