Decompiling and Recompiling for Linux?

So, I’ll keep this brief. Is it possible to use your copy of Scrivener and decompile it and then open it up in an IDE on Linux, and basically make a native app for Linux? I’m planning on jumping on PopOS and was wondering if this was OK and didn’t violate the terms and service for Scrivener. I know there’s a Linux release but it feels like all posts are always having some sort of problems to get it up and working.

Decompiling is expressly prohibited by our license agreement, which you can find here: … -agreement

Even if it weren’t, such a version is completely unsupported. What it does to your data, your computer, or your sanity is entirely at your own risk.


The Linux version works fine, if you use the AppImage. But it is an old version of Scrivener by now. It does not interoperate with the iPad version (which is the only thing I find missing), and it does not work with the latest version 3 on Mac, or the version 3 beta for Windows.

So, if it has all functionality you need, it’s an excellent choice. It uses very little in the way of resources (especially since it does not depend on .NET), and is very fast and stable.

I assumed as much. The reason i brought it up is because the Linux version hosted on the forum isn’t supported with the later debian based linux distros. I believe we’re on version 20 or so for the Ubuntu and the latest that the 1.9 Scrivener program hosted on the forums is for version 16. In version 20 they took out some binaries, and updated a few that essentially bricks the software, unfortunately. Will the Linux team update the hosted file?

They stopped supporting the Linux build a while ago, unfortunately – it’s several years old, not even up to date with the 1.9.16 release version. (In fact, if I remember correctly, the last Linux version that is posted is pre-changes needed to support syncing with the iOS version.)

Since the Linux build is no longer updated, getting that build to work – or using WINE to run the latest Windows build – is up to the users to figure out the necessary configuration tweaks (which libraries you need to pull in/downgrade/etc.) The community here in this forum is probably your best source of support in doing so.

The AppImage works well with pretty much any x86 Linux.