Default Binder Icons Do Not Stay Changed Based on Text Prese

Minor issue but wanted you to be aware:

When I return to a project the binder icons for text files that chance based on the presence of text or synopsis text return to a blank icon even though text is present. Once I click on the file in the Binder it returns to the correct icon. The next time I return to the project, however, the same problem exists.


It sounds like your search index might be jammed and refusing to save updates (we use that to fill in the icons as that is way faster than checking the disk). Please reset it using the Tools menu from the project window, reload the project and see if that resolves the issue.

Worked like a charm and the icons are displaying correctly.

The only issue I have is there was nothing to remind me to check the forum for a solution. Can Scrivener do that?

Scrivener can’t, but the link at the very bottom of this discussion “Subscribe topic” will send email notifications when people post to this topic.

In the User Control Panel under posting settings, there is also a flag that will automatically subscribe you to any thread you participate in.

(Glad the icons are feeling better! :wink: )

How cool is that…


I didn’t really think that was a thing actually.

Same here. It is more common with lots of files too.
Harmless enough bug, but still…

Are you working with the project in a sync folder such as Dropbox or transferring between Mac and Windows? If the problem is regularly recurring after using Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes, it might be that the project isn’t always syncing completely between closing on one computer and opening on the other.