Default Font Changes on Startup

I am using a font I installed after the installation of Scrivener. I have made sure that it is the default font in Tools/Options/Editor. Often (not always I don’t think), when I exit from the program and return later, say the next day, the font has changed back to Helvetica. I then select the entire text and change it back to the default font. This is not a real problem, given the drought and unemployment in the country, and it doesn’t take that long to make the change back, but I wonder if it is something that I can fix at some point.



Thanks for the report. When the font changes, is this something you’re seeing on all existing text in the project, just the document that’s loaded when the project opens, or only new documents you create? Does the font also change in the Options?

And just to check, what version of Scrivener are you on (Help > About Scrivener) and what version of Windows? Thanks!

Thanks for the follow up. My binder has a draft and six scenes. When I start back up, all the text in the scenes go to Helvetica. When I click on the draft to look at the note cards, the font has not changed to Helvetica.

The options still shows that the default font has not changed.

I am using Windows 7 and Scrivener I tried doing a clean install of Scrivener and reinstalling. For some reason, some of my settings remained after the clean install. For example, it brought back up the document I had been working on, even though I uninstalled and deleted the folder in Program Files. The register must still have some settings somewhere.

Thanks for your help!



The font I was using is called Mom’s Typewriter. It’s the only font that appears to be having this problem. I changed to a different typewriter font and now I’m having no problems.

Thanks again for your help.