default font for Chinese character

I have been struggling with this problem and haven’t found an answer. In Scrivener my default font is Times New Roman, but whenever I switch to Chinese entry mode on my keyboard, the font automatically switches to Hiragino Mincho ProN. Even after I highlight the Chinese characters (in the font of Hiragino Mincho ProN) and select Times New Roman, they still remain Hiragino Mincho ProN.

How do I change the default font for Chinese characters? Thank you for your help!

I’m not sure if that is possible to do, but if it is you’d probably have better luck searching for answers as a general Mac OS X question, as this isn’t a Scrivener feature specifically. It should be acting the same in TextEdit, Mail, etc. Fortunately there are a few people around here that write in Chinese, maybe they will stop by and provide a better answer.

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The system default font for non-Roman alphabet languages is set in the Apple -> System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources tab. Note that you won’t be able to choose Times New Roman (or any other font) unless it includes Chinese glyphs.


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Mark (uses Chinese)

Hello @aclfish,

Sorry to have taken so long to come back to you.

Can you tell me what version of the OS you’re using, and what version of Scrivener? As you say that the default Chinese is Hiragino Mincho ProN, I suspect you’re using a fairly old version, Tiger or something like that. For various reasons, I haven’t needed to go into Chinese for a little while, but I think between the version of the OS you are using the default Simplified Chinese font was Heiti SC for a while and then changed to the current default, PingFang SC. That is still an unhinted equivalent of a sans-serif font like Helvetica or Arial.

But in general, in Scrivener, I usually highlight any Chinese and put it into Songti SC which goes better with TNR, though I see that in one of the last texts I was working on last year, if I type Chinese in the middle of the English text in TNR, it is in Songti SC. I can’t think how I managed that, though.

So, my first thought is that you are using an old version of OS-X and that you will need to upgrade it to get round your current problem. Otherwise, just highlight the Chinese and choose an appropriate Chinese font.

Let us know if that helps at all.