default font style for new in project docs/folders

Hello, in Scrivener’s settings, I have set the default font and line spacing styles that I would like to affect all new documents, however when I create a new file or folder in the binder of my project, these styles are not applied. How can I set a default style for all new files (new projects, as well as files/folders created after a project was started)?

I think My problem is quite simple, but I’m having difficulty figuring out how to do it.

Where did you set up the formatting? The place that should be working as you describe, is the upper half of the Formatting preferences tab.

Thanks for the reply Amber.

Yes, I set my preferred line spacing and font in the the upper half of the Formatting preferences tab.

The formatting I specify does apply if I begin a new project. However, in an already begun project it does not. New binder text or folders default to Courier 12 pt., double spacing. This is not what I have specified in the formatting preferences tab.

Is there anything I can try?

Ah ha, I bet if you look closely at the text document icons in the project that is giving you trouble, you’ll find they have a slightly yellowish tint, and 3-hole punches along the left side. Additionally, when you load them in the editor, the footer bar at the bottom of the editor might have what appears to be typing modes, like “Action” and “Scene Heading”. If so, you’re actually in scriptwriting mode (screenplay most likely, which uses Courier 12pt across the board to keep page-to-minute counts accurate). Try pressing Cmd-4, or using the Format/Scriptwriting sub-menu to toggle this off. The icon should go white, and the footer bar will go back to showing word/char count statistics as you type. You’ll have to do this for any documents that have a yellow icon, but once you get rid of them all, new documents will be created normally. The way that works is it uses whatever document you selected last, when determining the writing mode you are in. That’s why you’re stuck in it, even when you make new documents, now.

Let me know if that doesn’t correlate, but I’m pretty sure that’s the problem.

Amber - thank you again for your reply.

I looked carefully, but I was not in scriptwriting mode. However, your advice encouraged me look around in the Project menu, where I found ‘Text preferences.’ It looks like the ‘Use different formatting for new documents created in this project was checked’ - unchecking this fixed the problem.

I’m not so certain that I would have found this on my own. I appreciate your help.

That would be the other place to check. :slight_smile: I forgot that was defaulted to Courier, glad you got it sorted!