Default Font

I have changed the default font from Courier New to Times New Roman but it does not change in the Document Notes pane. I have even created a new document in the Binder to see if that made a difference but it does not. It appears that the change is made from Tool/Options/Appearance if I am correct. In order to make the change I have to click in the Document Notes pane and then click on the font Courier New and change it to Times New Roman. This seems to be an issue.

Sorry for a late reply here; I just wanted to let you know this is on the bug list. The notes should use the default font set in the Appearance Options, yes, but they’re currently picking up the last font applied to any document notes in the inspector during the session (i.e. closing and reopening the project and then creating a new document and typing in the notes will cause the new note to use the correct default font).

Thanks for the response. I found a work around by going to Tools–>Options and clicking on Editor on the left side. After clicking on Editor you can click on the blue A and change the default font. This seems to correct the issue.

Oh, I think I entirely misunderstood you. The document notes pane is in the inspector (the sidebar on the right, toggled by View > Layout > Show Inspector), the pale yellow area at the bottom below the index card synopsis and the general metadata. The default font for that is set in the Appearance options but this is currently slightly buggy, as I described above. It sounds like what you’re talking about is the font in the editor, the central white area where you’re typing your manuscript text. The default formatting for that is set in the Editor options, as you discovered. It affects only new documents created; you can change existing ones to match the default settings by selecting them in the binder and the choosing Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

You are correct. We were talking about two different defaults. It took awhile to find the defaults for the Editor but I finally figured out. Thanks again for all of your help.