Default Fonts Setup in Windows

I’ve been through a bunch of these tutorials and help screens tried to find a way to set the default fonts including making my own template with the fonts set to how I like them and cannot figure it out. It keeps going back to Courier.

I tried finding this “set up default font in Scrivener Preferences/Formatting/Main Text Style” but I cannot find this option anywhere in the small square to set up a new document or in the actual Scrivener document.

I have two screen shots with how I tried to set it up

First one: Where I set up my own novel template with the fonts I wanted but when I reopen the template it is back to being courier for the new document.

Second one: I went to “tools/options/appearance” then tried to save it as a template but that doesn’t help because new documents are still in courier.

Please help! Thank you.

Hi Sue,

Sorry I am at work and don’t have Scrivener in front of me, but I agree with you that changing the font in ‘Preferences -> Formatting pane’ isn’t obvious process. If I recall correctly, you actually have to click into the sample text in the small square, and then somewhere in that window you change the font. Depending on how late I get home tonight I will try to take a screenshot for you.

In the meantime, have a look at this post from Katherine, which discusses the various methods to change Scrivener’s formatting:

Each method has a different scope of impact, so hopefully that post will provide some guidance in which method you should use.



Any help you give will be appreciated. That post by Katherine was for Mac OS and I’ve got Windows so it did not help but thank you for the link anyway.


Thank you for posting your question. It turns out I didn’t really understand the implications of setting the default font in Scrivener, so digging into it has helped me. That said, I’m not 100% sure I have an answer to what you are looking for.

If you go to Tools > Options > Editor, that will take you here:

From this screen you can change the default font for all new documents in all your Scrivener projects. To be clear, this change will apply to all your Scrivener projects. This surprised me, as I was expecting it to be project-specific, and the manual doesn’t explicitly state that it is global.

You would change the default font by doing the following.

  • Click on the blue ‘A’ in the upper left.
  • Pick your font and press OK.
    The sample text should be changed to your new font. It will also be changed for all new documents in all your Scrivener projects.

If this is what you are looking for - great!

I was expecting to also find a way to change the default setting for a particular project, but it seems that is a Mac-only feature. See this KnowledgeBase article for L&L’s explanation.

I haven’t used document Templates at all, so can’t give you any guidance there. But I did happen to see this thread that had some potential pitfalls to watch out for.

Sorry for the long response. I hope some of it is useful to you!