Default Format All Documents?


New idea for today: You know how we can select a Document in our Binder, then go to Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style, and then the default formatting (from the Editor section of the Preferences window) to the selected Document? Well, I think it’d be nice if there was a menu option for applying the default formatting to ALL Documents and Sub-Documents, or to maybe just the Documents and Sub-Documents in one particular folder or Document with children, or perhaps all the open Documents, etcetera, etcetera. Perhaps expand the menu so it looks like this:

Convert Formatting ->
This Document To Default Text Style
Of All Documents to Default Text Style
Of All Open Documents to Default Text Style
All Documents in Specific Folder to Default Text Style

Just a thought,

You can already do all of this by selecting in the binder with Cmd-A or Cmd-Opt-A (for a specific folder and its subdocs) or focusing in the Scrivenings session, in the case of “all open documents”, so I’m not sure there’s much advantage to adding a bunch of additional menu items, especially given that ones like “All Documents in Specific Folder” and “This Document” are still going to require an initial selection.