Default Line Spacing


I’m using the novel with parts template. What I want to do is default all current and future scenes’ ( text) line spacing to be 1.5. I can do this fine on a per-scene basis by using the format bar. However I want this to be the default.
Any ideas?


Hello metal, and welcome to the forum.

In Scrivener 3 for Windows, you can change Scrivener’s default line spacing by going to File > Options > Editing > Formatting and then changing the line spacing. That will now change all the spacing for every Scrivener project going forward.

You can also make this a project-specific setting by going to Project > Project Settings > Formatting and ticking the box next to “Use different formatting for new documents in this project.”

But, you might also want to remember that Scrivener doesn’t require the output file to have the same settings that the user works with in the Main Editor.

To put this another way, you can set up fonts, colors, and spacing you prefer to use when writing. And, as long as you leave the bulk of the text with “No Style” as the paragraph styling, you’ll be able to strip your choices from the text during compile.

You can then have the compiler reformat your text to use the font, line spacing, and other requirements called for by the agent/publisher/journal that you’re sending the manuscript to.

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To add to what Ruth said, when you have set your default formatting in Options or Project Settings, Documents → Convert → Text to Default Formatting… will apply your new setting to “No Style” paragraphs in existing documents when selected.

HTH :slight_smile:


Thanks all. That worked. Also issue I discovered was that all the info I was reading was on Scrivener 3, and I had the old version. All good now. Cheers.