Default mode?

Is there any way to change the default mode permanently when selecting a chapter? I usually do NOT want Corkboard (I hardly ever use it, tbh), and that’s the default atm.

I prefer to use Scrivenings mode when editing a folder; how can I make this the default? I’m currently not seeing anything to do this except Ctrl+1 every time, and I’d like to avoid the frustration of having to type every time.

Navigate->Editor->Lock Group View Mode is what I think you want… I just can’t figure out how to make the menu item active. Maybe it’s not implemented yet?

Locking the view mode is a good way to handle exceptional cases. But if all you want is for all folders you click on to use Scrivenings mode, it should already be working that way as a form of persistence rather than default/preference. The editor will continue using the current view mode for all eligible groups of things unless you click on something with a locked view mode.

Even with a locked view mode though, that locks to whatever you used last on the container. So if you pressed Ctrl-1 once you shouldn’t ever have to again unless you view that folder and change the view to something else (and then it should go on using that).

So as a simple test of what you should be seeing, using a fresh copy of the Tutorial as a frame of reference:

  1. Click on “Get Oriented”.
  2. Press Ctrl+3 to switch to Outliner.
  3. Click on “Get Organised”. (Should be Outliner view.)
  4. Use the Navigate ▸ Editor ▸ Lock Group View Mode. Observe a lock icon placed over the Outliner icon in the toolbar.
  5. Click on “Get Oriented”.
  6. Press Ctrl+1 to switch to Scrivenings.
  7. Click on “Get Organised”. The view should be an Outliner, again with the padlock badge on the toolbar icon.
  8. Click on “Get It Out There”. Should be in Scrivenings mode, because that is the last preferred view mode we used.

If that works, then try a simple test like that in your main project again and see if it doesn’t work the same way.