Default Paste Formatting Options

Hello! I have a few questions:

  1. Is there an option in Scrivener where one can set the default paste option with regards to formatting? I can’t find a way to set this as a default, and I can’t find the information in the help doc.

I’m thinking something similar to in Word (in Windows only) you can set the default paste action with regards to the formatting of the text.

I apologize if this was answered somewhere, but I just could not find what I wanted using this site’s search mechanism (see questions below).


Less important questions not suited for this context probably, so feel free to ignore:

  1. Why do these forums not respect searching queries in quotations as a single unit. “default formatting” searched for “default” and “formatting” as separate entities rather than as a single unit.
  2. Why is there a timeout on searching the forums? I’ve never experienced this before on a forum platform before.

If you use Paste and Match Style (option-shift-command v) then whatever you paste will inherit the current formatting in your document. I’m afraid there is no way to set that behavior as the default for the standard command-v paste.