default pattern for outliner columns?

Hello again - with another outliner question.

I usually like to have just the title and synopsis showing in the outliner, with no columns. The default layout seems to be title, synopsis, label and status.

I know how to remove the label and status columns, and I know how to save a layout.

My question is - is there a way to just change the default? That way I could get it looking the way I usually want it automatically, and apply different columns, on the fly, or from a saved layout, as needed.

I’m on Windows v2, and can setup a preferred layout, and then save it. This is done from Manage Layouts.

It seems like they’re still calling it Layouts in Mac v3. See the v3 manual section 12.3, that will tell you how to save custom layouts.


Yes it is possible to save a layout - I was just wanting to have the layout I almost always want as my default, rather than having to go up and select it each time.


Set up the layout as you want it to be using the Layout Manager and give it a unique name. Then give it a shortcut using the Mac’s System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts panel.

Now you have a way of returning to it every time using one keystroke — the same amount that you’d have to use to return to a default layout. The view will be retained when you close and reopen the project – and the layout will be available across all other and/or new projects.

If you want the layout to be applied the first time you open a new project, then create a template with the layout already set. This can also be a really useful way of making sure that all your common labels / statuses /metadata / styles / document templates are available so you avoid the set up process each time.


My preferred method for this is Brookter’s second option, above. All such settings are saved into the project, and as such into project templates. These should be considered your second level of “preferences” in the sense that you have total control over how new projects are created by simply creating your own starter projects. I have my own that I built up from Blank, with all of the metadata settings I prefer, column layouts, corkboard settings, project settings, default labels, etc. It’s a huge time saver. Buf if you want to just tweak how one of our provided templates works, rather than starting from scratch, take a look at §5.3.4, Revising Templates, in the user manual, pg. 82.

One thing on my list is a way of saving outliner column settings that you could apply independent of layouts. I have not yet come up with a simple UI for this, though - I hope to add it to a 3.x update, though. That might include a way of setting a default.