default preset?

Is there any way to set a default preset?

What type of preset are you referring to?

Text format presets. Upper left corner of the composition area.

In that case, no, as formatting presets do not work like stylesheets. They are better thought of as simple formatting that you can “paint” on selected text, or set your typing formatting with, so there is no “body” or “default” in that sense. If you are looking for a way to change the default writing format in Scrivener, you’re looking for the Formatting preferences pane. You can use the main application menus and the format bar to change the sample text in the upper half of the pane.

You may also be interested in this knowledge base article: How do I fix or convert formatting in my project?

By “default,” I mean a formatting preset that formats any new text automatically, with the font, size, and other specs. For example, if I had a default preset for 12pt Times Roman and, without entering any formatting, I typed “Hello, Kitty,” that text would appear in 12pt Times Roman. MS Word can do it.

I found the answer in the link, “How do I fix…” It’s done in the preferences.