Default save location - iCloud?


I’ve just downloaded and paid for Scapple. I’ve searched the forum before posting this question, but the only related answers are for Scrivener.

After starting Scapple for the first time, it is offering to save the document in a folder called ‘Scapple’ on iCloud. A previous forum post suggested that functionality wasn’t available for purchases made directly rather than via the App Store.

I would like to store my Scapple documents locally on my Mac rather than in iCloud. I’m sure I can just navigate to the desired location on my Mac’s hard drive, but I haven’t been able to find anything here, or in the manual, about changing a default save location, nor how saving to iCloud works in relation to syncing copies of a Scapple document between two Macs that I’ve installed the app on (a Mac Studio and a MacBook).

I’d be grateful for any pointers or advice.



Scapple files are save to store in iCloud since, unlike Scrivener projects, it’s really only one file. So all the issues Scrivener has with iCloud don’t apply to Scapple.

Once you save a Scapple file in a different location, the next time you save one (even a new one), it will offer that as the default location. So just navigate away from iCloud once, save your file where you want it, and Scapple should remember that location from then on (until you change it again).

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Many thanks Dirk, that’s helpful.