Default save/open location

Can you add a Default File Location to Options please?
Can the default file location be used both as a default save to location and file open location?

No. Scrivener saves each project where it IS and opens where it is. Save as and export remember the last location you used for them. (Don’t use Save As if you can help it; it leads to confusion.)

Create a dedicated place for projects, put them there, and you shouldn’t have problems.

But this is the Scapple board.

I start all my new Scapple projects with a “starter” file. This is just a scapple document that has been marked as a template file (this is a feature of MacOS) — which means when I double click on it a copy of the template file is made and that is the document that opens.

The reason that I use a template file is that I always want certain note styles I have defined to be available to me (ones with certain color-coded backgrounds and font size).

The reason I am telling you this is that the result is that all of my new Scapple files end up in the same folder unless I specify otherwise. So, something I need to do anyway gets me for free the result you are looking for!(*)


p.s. My installation of MS Word had a bad habit of “forgetting” where I’ve last been filing things and falls back to pointing toward the Documents folder when I go to save things. Since that is never the right answer, I hate it when that happens. So, I am not sure it would be a great thing for Scriv to override the operating systems default behavior when it comes to trying to anticipate your save location.

(*) Well, close anyway. I guess I never use the Open command inside apps to open existing files. I keep currently relevant folders open on my desktop for that.

Same answer. All apps behave that way. Having a default wouldn’t solve anything, either. You can always put the file somewhere else. It’s a user’s responsibility to put files where we want them and remember where we put them.

That’s not my experience at all. We are talking Windows here, right?
I just saved a scap in document\another\folder\scapple and closed it and Scapple
Opened Scapple, jotted a couple of notes, Save As and the location is opened in Documents folder
Clicked Open and the file explorer opens in the Documents folder

I’m suggesting an Option. You can still eat your toast and marmalaide with your latte. Having an option does not change who is responsible for what. And, “all apps” is more like most app and most apps have an option to identify a default file location. Just saying :slight_smile:

I don’t see that capability on Windows, unfortunatley. It sounds like a nice idea.

I use a lot of apps, and I don’t think any of them have a default location. If they do, your own experience shows that it doesn’t prevent confusion.

We seem to be talking about different things. You are talking about confusion, I am talking about convenience. Further, I don’t understand your objection to be honest.

I doubt you’ll get that option, but that’s just an opinion. It’s also my opinion (for the reason I’ve articulated) that it wouldn’t help you, but I certainly could be wrong.

Bob, this statement is accurate for Windows Scrivener but not for Windows Scapple, which works as @scr4teepee describes above. Save As in Scapple defaults to the Documents folder.

I personally wouldn’t use the proposed default location, as I keep my Scapples all over the place based on projects, but I could see how it might be useful to some filing methods.


I’ve never been wrong before (since the 1st time doesn’t count), but I found, a few minutes ago, that Mac Scapple acts as if ~/Dropbox/Apps/Scapple is the default location. I never liked the way Scapple opens a folder automatically, but somehow it never occurred to me to call the folder it opens “the default location”. I can be dense at times, as everyone must be aware by now.

I suppose I thought it was “the place I last put something” … and that turns out to be the case.

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The way this is typically handled with standard document load/save style programs is that the software remembers the last place you saved something to manually. So if you double-click a file to load it and save it, that doesn’t count, but if you use Save As, or Save a new document and navigate to a specific place, then the next time you use either of those functions, you are taken back to that same folder by default. Some programs will also combine manual Open with this as well (again, not double-clicking).

And for most purposes, I would say that is enough of a default. I am also unfamiliar with software that has a dedicated setting somewhere that forces the issue to a specific folder. I’ve always just seen software adapt to your behaviour automatically.

In our case, in both the Mac and Windows versions, I’m seeing Open, Save and Save As all store the last save location. However on Windows it does seem as though this is session only. If I close all windows and then try again, it goes back to “Documents”. So that is something that should be written to the registry so that it remains persistent between sessions, and is thus a Windows-specific issue.

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Hi, most Windows applications have a Preferences option where the default directory for saving can be set. This pic of Word ( is an example. You’ll find products from Adobe to Zoom have this feature. The request I am making is for a similar feature.

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Well we use different programs it seems. Nothing I’ve ever used has such a thing, and I’ve never been bothered by the lack of it.

At any rate, I’ve described what the intended behaviour is, and while it isn’t a setting in options—for your purposes it would pretty much do exactly what you want, if it worked across sessions. It would always work from the folder you use to save .scap files to.

For a basic program like Scapple, that has maybe 0.001% of the settings Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop does, I think that’s fine. :slight_smile:

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And I would be perfectly happy with the cross-session solution, too. Thanks :smiley:

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