Default Settings

For some future version of Scrivener, would it be possible to add a place in the global preferences for the default widths of the binder, document window, and inspector?

I moved files around this morning and lost the settings for several projects. I may be alone in this, but I like to keep the widths of these screen elements the same from project to project. It would be helpful to have default settings that would take effect in new projects or in existing projects if the last settings used couldn’t be found. (Edit: I suppose I’m asking for a default window size, too).


I may consider it in a future version, but it’s actually trickier than you would expect, because of the nature of Cocoa split views. Basically, if the user were allowed to choose any default width, things could get screwy pretty fast. And then the maximum default width you would be allowed for the binder would alter depending on the setting you chose for your inspector, and all of this would depend on your window size, and that would also depend on your screen size, and then the height would be limited by the amount of elements that can be squeezed into the inspector… and so on. :slight_smile: It’s a programming minefield!

Wouldn’t the best way to do this be interactively? That way you get around the possibility of wild numerical entries by using the existing interface constraints. Something like a “save current layout as default” in the Window menu, and an accompanying “reset current window to default layout.”

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“Future.” :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it