Default text colour

I find the “Convert to Default Text Format” very useful, as I import stuff which quite often is in a different colour, e.g. web page with white text on a black background in some large size of font I don’t like, which means removing the background and changing the font … easy, particularly with the “convert …” option. But that doesn’t change the text colour and I end up with white text in my preferred font, size, justification, on a white background. I then have to highlight all bring up the colour chooser and change all the colours.

Would it be possible to set one’s preferred colour as part of the default text formatting?


Just explained how to do this in the other thread (use the colour panel on the text in the Preferences panel). You may need to set it to black explicitly using the colour panel for it to do what you want (because black is the default, that is the colour of the text if there is no colour saved with the style information; there probably needs to be a colour saved with the style information in order to override another colour as you wish, though - thus just click in the text in the Text Editing preferences, open the colour panel with shift-cmd-C and set to black). Doing this, I just used Convert > Formatting to Default to change blue text to black, and it worked fine.

Thanks Keith, I have just replied to the other thread. My fault as I explained. It does indeed work, and yes you do have to click black in the colour selector … and click “apply”.