Delete chapter, section or subsection from a collection?

I’m either completely missing a feature that is right in front of me, or it is just not there … deleting a chapter, section or subsection from a collection.

As my project grows larger and larger, I am finding collections to be invaluable to reduce the time it takes to compile a relevant portion of my project.

As much as I try to schedule my lunch, dinner and snack breaks around my 15+ minute (and growing) compile times, I generally find it to be a bit more efficient to simply create a collection of a sub-set of chapters when compiling.

What I’ve learned, however, is that as I might add a section to a chapter that the section is not automatically added to the relevant collection. Not a problem as it is a straightforward task (usually after forgetting to do so the first time) to add a section to a collection, AND then resort the order of the collection to ensure the PDF output if is the correct order.

As part of my partial memory loss, however, I mistakenly added a new section to a collection where it did not belong - MY BAD. I immediately thought that it should NOT be an issue … I’ll just delete the section from the errant collection, but lo (or is it low?) and behold, I could not find a way to delete the section from the inappropriate collection. Instead, I:

  1. needed to define a new collection, including just the appropriate chapters and sections, then
  2. deleted the old collection, and
  3. finally renamed the new collection to the same as the original collection.

Whew … made it!

Just a thought that if somewhere in the not too distant future, far away in a distant … sorry … lost my train of thought … there ever is an upgrade for Scrivener for the Mac, one thought may be to include a delete function for items with a collection … that is unless it is already there, and as so often happens … I missed what is already right in front of me!

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From the manual

Remove items by selecting them in the collection sidebar, and then clicking the − button in the lower header bar …, or by simply pressing Delete on your keyboard.

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Hover the cursor over every icon in the area, and tooltips will often tell you what you need to know.

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Hi reepicheep and drmajorbob,

It works!

As all too often, it was there all along … thanks for the tips!

With my long compile times, guess I’ve become a bit too gun-shy to try out unknown features, and too lazy to check out tooltips …

The tool tip for the ’ - ’ button in the collection middle-header bar plainly states “Remove selected documents from collection” !

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Remember all search collections have the magnifying glass in upper right header bar cannot be deleted but can save a search as a collection where can delete items.

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