Delete Next Character & Word Shortcuts - 2

Starting a new thread, because the other became a conversation about favorite keyboards – interesting but off the topic.

I’ve narrowed the problem down:

Below are the results of my test of the relevant apple mac shortcuts. As you see, they work except for Ctrl+D (delete character to the right). This shortcut, in Scrivener, begins dictation. There’s an alternative, Fn + Del. That doesn’t work either. It simply types the letter D.

I note that there is no shortcut for deleting the WORD to the right of the cursor either. You have to select the word (s) then delete.

I would like to see shortcuts for both actions: deleting the character and / or word to the right of the cursor. Personally, I think co-opting the Ctrl-D shortcut and assigning it to begin Dictation is … let’s just say, an odd choice. Are those shortcut assignments changeable?

MAC SHORTCUTS (from Apple Support Page)
Option-Delete: Delete the word to the left of the insertion point. Works as described.
Control-H: Delete the character to the left of the insertion point. Or use Delete. Works as described.
Control-D: Delete the character to the right of the insertion point. Begins dictation.
Fn-Delete: Forward delete on keyboards that don’t have a Forward Delete key. Simply types D
Control-K: Delete the text between the insertion point and the end of the line or paragraph. Works as described.

I just bought a new keyboard (Macally full sized wired) and lo and behold, it has a “forward delete button” on it. One press deletes the next letter / character, and Option press deletes next word. I’m a happy camper now but still think L&L should revise the Crl+D shortcut assignment in a next release.

Glad you got it sorted out. What keyboard did you use before?

That’s a macOS functionality, regarding to the Scrivener manual (A.4):

“Start Dictation… fn fn For computers capable of recording audio and making use of the macOS speech-to-text dictation system, this can be used to speak words aloud and have them turned into editable text in the current editor. Settings pertaining to this feature are found in the Keyboard System Preference pane, under the ‘Dictation’ tab.

What shortcut is set over there? (if any)

I was using an Apple Magic Keyboard, the small one. And before that a series of other short bluetooth boards with no numpads.

BUT - it seems to me that Apple stepped on its own shortcut! Ctrl+D was already taken, but I think they thought dictation was flashier. I call BS on that. Plus, why doesn’t the Fn shortcut work?

Well… even they make mistakes. :man_shrugging:t2: I agree it’s confusing. If you want, you can select the “double-fn” shortcut for dictation (it’s symbolized by a globe now), but this could interfere with the new “single-fn” behavior (bringing up the emoji-picker). Or set it to something completely different.

I just couldn’t help but laugh when I saw you respond to your own post.

Back in the ancient times of Scrivener’s forums, before there was an iOS or Windows version, the tradition was for threads to go WILDLY off-topic, typically after a question had been answered. A thread about keyboard shortcuts leading to talk of keyboards is barely off-topic in light of threads that would go from “How do I turn off Script Mode?” to discussions about anything from favorite brands of whiskey to the antics of our pets.

I am a relative newcomer and was inexperienced in the traditions of the Forum. I can easily understand how anyone would rather discuss their cat’s or dog’s antics to the minutiae of Scrivener features.

I mean… it wasn’t entirely off the rails. The detour started when I asked about the keyboard in question. Some third party keyboards don’t play as nice as they claim (especially if the “fn” key is involved). This is important to know. Well, and then… writers and their toys. :joy:

No reason you should know about the ancient times. But I did find it a little perplexing that you created a separate thread and then took it off-topic immediately yourself.

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