Delete word forward and back

New to Mac and Scrivener and all is wonderful except for being unable to delete word(s) forward and back. I’m sure this isn’t a new issue for those switching from PC (and it’s my only issue) but I haven’t managed to find any help elsewhere.

Many thanks


Option-backspace deletes whole words in the same direction as backspace (i.e. back). Note that the ‘option’ key may be labelled ‘alt’, depending on what kind of keyboard you have: it’s the one between ‘control’ and the command/Apple key, to the left of the spacebar.

On laptop keyboards, fn-backspace deletes forward. If you add the option key to that ( i.e. Option-fn-backspace) you should get forward deletion of whole words. It works for me on my aging 12" Powerbook anyway.

Many thanks, works just fine.