Deleted files

I pressed on of my projects on the iOS app to open in but every single one of my projects has been deleted. Can anyone tell me why that happened?

Hmm – this ‘shouldn’t happen’ in any expected way, naturally.

And it’s curious that you see the Projects listed, but don’t find the when clicking on one. If I understand you.

Are you sure you have a good internet connection? As it occurs to me when there seems to be a connection, but it actually doesn’t function, or at good speed, Dropbox can refuse to open files even when they appear to be present. This can happen for any application, not just Scrivener.

Dropbox is then waiting to see if the local copy is up-to-date, but I have observed, it can get quite confused about this.

What I would try is disconnecting from the internet, by using the ‘Airplane Mode’, top left on your iPad Settings app. Then see if you can open projects successfully, which will be from the local copy of them.

If you are using a VPN, you’ll need to be sure it’s turned off for this to work – otherwise you’ll get a ‘rotating star’ beside the Project name in the Scrivener listing, and it still won’t open.

Given this no-internet situation works so that you can view your projects, you know to look into the internet connection for issues.

If it does not work, then I think you’ll need to contact and work directly with Scrivener Support, which I am not. They’ll be back and available after the first of the year.

Best fortune - and I imagine your projects are safe, because the design includes a lot of ways to have confidence this is so…

Did you by any chance move those Scrivener projects out of your Dropbox folder on your Mac (or move that dbox folder itself)?


p.s. Do be sure you have backups of those projects on your mac!