Deleted parts of tutorial - how to get back?

Hey there,

So, I kinda deleted parts of the tutorial. Right from the beginning, I hit the collections button, then quick start. I decided I didn’t want that menu, so I hit the “-” button, thinking it would close the menu.

However, it turns out it started deleting chapters from the quickstart menu. And now these chapters are also missing from the whole project. Is there any way to redownload this project and get those chapters back?

Quit Scrivener, locate the tutorial project (probably in your Documents folder), and delete that file. Open Scrivener again, and create a new tutorial project from the template chooser window, or from the Help menu.

FYI, a pristine copy of the Tutorial project is stored… somewhere in the Scrivener installation. When you pick it from the list of templates, or go to Help->Interactive Tutorial for the first time, it copies that pristine version to the location and name of your choosing for you to browse and edit as you please. Subsequently, when you visit Help->Interactive Tutorial, it will try to open the existing Tutorial project at the point where you left off, if it knows where to find it. That’s why moving it to the Trash will let you create a new copy; Scrivener doesn’t know where the old one went, and so it assumes you need a new copy.