Deleted text

I do hope someone can advise a newby?

I was busy writing today for a couple of hours. On completion, I highlighted the text I had written as I wanted a quick word count.

I was distracted at this point, and when my attention returned I pressed ‘Edit’ > insert> manuscript word count and ‘poof’ the text disappeared.

What have I done? More importantly, can I undo it?

Your guidance welcome

For future reference: immediately pressing Cmd-z (or clicking Edit -> Undo) will undo the the damage. Given that it’s over 12 hours since you posted, I’m guessing that’s no longer an option.

I’ll let others more knowledgeable than I explain your options from here (I’m just another user). If you don’t get a reply here, try emailing technical support directly.

Hi Nom

Appreciate the help.

It was un utterly bizarre circumstance in that ‘undo’ wasn’t the first thing I thought of. I think I froze a bit as this was the first time I’ve ever lost such a body of text.

A long night has passed and I’ve re-written as best I can, but forced recollection is never as good as the original inspiration, so I’m still annoyed with myself.

Thanks again

Probably too-late, but see the suggestion at: