Deleteing highlighted text error...

I am using the latest version of Scriv on a brand new 13 inch MacBook Pro unibody running Lion 7.1.

When I highlight words that I want to delete I must tap the trackpad at the end of the highlighted text otherwise they will not delete when I hit the delete key. But if I tap the trackpad after I hit delete then the passage will be deleted.

If I double tap a word to highlight it then delete it it will delete. But if I just highlight it without double tapping it it will not delete…until I tap the trackpad again.

Very odd.


Hi Steve,

All trackpad behaviour is handled at the OS-level, I’m afraid; there isn’t any code in Scrivener itself that handles this, so it must be part of the underlying text system. Can you reproduce the same thing in TextEdit?

All the best,

Yes, it does happen in text edit. How can I fix it do you think?

Found the remedy!

In System Preferences go to Universal Access. Click the Mouse and Trackpad radio button then click Trackpad options at the bottom. Once inside go to Dragging and choose without Drag Lock.

Hours lost on this. They couldn’t make it more difficult to find but easier to fix.

Vale SJ.

Great, glad you found the answer! Sorry, I don’t use the trackpad much for stuff like this so had no idea that was even there.

All the best,