Deleting imported hyperlink

I’ve begun to import all of my data, and I just now now noticed that in a doc I’d copied into a Word doc on my PC from wikipedia, the blue hyperlinks from wikipedia are all now looking like the insert below after importing in my Research folder (and I’m sure every other one, as well).

I’m wondering if there’s a way to stop this while importing, or magically deleting without having to go through each doc to highlight and delete.

the street that issued from the forum between the temple of Castor and running south along the west side of the Palatine formed the principal artery of communication between the forum and the Places/Europe/Italy/Lazio/Roma/Rome/_Texts/PLATOP*/Forum_Boarium.html" forum Boarium and HYPERLINK “*/Circus_Maximus.html” circus Maximus (Liv. HYPERLINK “” \l "37 " \t “offsite” XXVII.37.15; HYPERLINK “” \l "26 " \t “offsite” XXXIII.26.9; HYPERLINK "http://penelope.uchicago.e


Are you using RTF to import? The ‘HYPERLINK “blah blah”’ nomenclature is an artefact of the .doc importer, which is out of our control. RTF will import links, but they will be hyperlinked as they were in the original .doc file, without the URL exposed. They can be easily removed by selecting all of the text you wish to clean at once, and invoking theEdit/Unlink menu command.

In answer to your second question: No. If links are brought in via the .doc importer, they will never be automatically cleaned up. You’ll either have to do this, or restart with RTF to get a cleaner file.

Thanks a lot. That helps. However, I’ve got hundreds of pages of research and I can’t even begin to remember how many might have hyperlinks. Hence, it would be monumental to go through each to edit.

I’ve already set up several folders, with sub-folders, in Binder, but will not begin to do synopsis and corkboard til I get this worked out.

So, do you think it would be better to just delete all of that and re-import as you suggest as RTF’s?

Thanks again.

Importing the RTFs would be best, yes. If you have a lot of files, you could do a quick online search for a program to batch convert them; there are several free or shareware options that could do it if you wanted to give them a try.