Deleting snapshots en masse

I’ve got a project with well over a 1000 documents. I’ve been manipulating them via the Find-> project replace menu, and as a result, I’ve quadrupled my backup file size. I’d like to permanently remove all of the thousands of files’ snapshots, but can’t seem to figure out how.

Documents->Snapshots->Delete remains unselectable no matter if I select 10 files in the binder or just one. Is there a trick to using this menu item? Baring an in-scrivener solution, can I close the project and delete everything in the bundle’s Snapshots folder?

It is perfectly safe to delete the “Snapshots” folder from within the project package, while it is closed. Snapshots are not included in the search index, and in fact everything that defines them is located within that folder, so removing it is just as though you never took any at all. There is no way to mass delete snapshots from within Scrivener.

To get an equivalent effect, couldn’t you create a new project and drag the various top level binder items into it?

Snapshots tag along with binder drags, so no. :slight_smile: The only time snapshots are discarded by the software is when you use an original item with snapshots as a document template.

To get an equivalent effect, couldn’t you create a new project using the existing one as a template? 8)

EDIT: Hmm, unless you have a very small project, this doesn’t work - when I tried it I received a message saying I needed to reduce the size of my project. Which makes sense, because this command is meant to create a template ready to be filled with text, not a duplicate project. :unamused:

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