Deletion restore

The tutorial says I can’t permanently delete unless I delete the trash. It assures me that my mistaken deletions will be there in the trash. I just made a big goof and it isn’t there! Where else might it be, or am I doomed to rewrite?

Are you looking in the trash folder inside Scrivener or the Mac’s system trash?

You want the trash inside Scrivener, at the bottom of the Binder.


Yes, that’s where I looked and it’s not there. I used ‘delete’ in the ‘edit’ section of the toolbar. Is there some secret that I don’t know? All that’s in the trash are folders I deleted previously and a sound file. It’s so frustrating!

Edit > Delete, deletes the selected text in the Editor. It doesn’t delete files/folders.

Documents > Move To Trash, moves the file(s)/folder(s) selected in the Binder to the Trash.

If the file (document) is still in the Binder, but the text has gone, you’ve deleted the text. Unless you can use CMD Z to reverse the action, I think the text will have gone.

If you have got backups turned on (in Preferences), you should be able to restore a recent backup of the text.


Good luck!

Thanks Briar. I did find a recent backup, as far as it went. Of course, I think the stuff that wasn’t backed up was the best :unamused:. I have rewritten and will chalk it up to sad experience. Who knows…maybe the rewrite is better.

Happy to help. Sorry that it is not a perfect solution.

Here’s to a happy rewrite ending.