Not really a wish list item, but more of a suggestion since I see the author is quite interested in using an easy plaintext markup language for content formatting using markdown etc.

Have you had a look at Deplate?

It’s a VERY powerful markup language written in Ruby. I’ve been using it for the past year or two for virtually every document I make and I’m able to do a lot more in it than in MMD.

Would be great to find support for it in Scrivener similar to MMD :slight_smile:

I didn’t actually have to do much for MMD - Fletcher Penney, the creator of MMD, did most of the work for supporting this in Scrivener. I just added some basic interface elements. :slight_smile:

ok, cool :slight_smile:

I’d highly recommend giving Deplate a look though to anyone that likes to use wiki-style markup, even if doesn’t get included in Scriv :slight_smile: