Desktop Icon lost

I was playing around with my desktop icons and tried a differed Scrivener program icon I didn’t like. How do I get the original back please?

PS… I’m looking for the current Scrivener icon for Mac Monterey.

The question is: how did you change the app icon?

  1. Most Likely: If you used the Get Info panel in the Finder to change the icon, you can use Get Info again to delete your custom icon. Quit out of Scriv, pick the app in Finder, choose Get Info (cmd-I). In the resulting panel, click on the app icon in the upper left and press the Delete key. This will remove a custom icon and revert to the app icon that the app has written into it. (If you have Scriv persistently on your Dock with the custom icon, this will not change until you launch Scriv again.

  2. Least Likely: If you have been digging around in the internal Resources folder in the actual app bundle itself and have incautiously overwritten the icon resource file, then you will have to download a fresh copy of the app.

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Thank you so very much! All fixed!

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