Desperately Disappointed Mac User

I’ve been a die-hard (Windows) Scrivener user for YEARS. My best friend is giving me a MacBook that’s 5.5 years old. Will I be able to purchase and operate the new version of Scrivener on the new (to me) Mac? After 10+, years, my old Toshiba laptop decided it had lived a long, well-loved life. Hearing about the Mac was a dream come true!! Having a chronic, fatal illness, writing allows me the chance to escape, survive, to be the me that the “outside world me” cannot be. Can you please help me? It would mean the world to be back in the arms of Scrivener again! Especially this new, impoved, practically mouth watering version. HELP!!!

I took a quick look in the MacTracker app (free via the Mac App Store) at MacBooks that were being sold in 2012-2013, the time frame you mentioned. All of them said that they supported the latest release of MacOS. That means that you will very likely be able to upgrade to macOS High Sierra (10.13.xx) and happily run Scrivener 3.

If your macOS is at Sierra (10.12.xx) you’re still golden, and don’t need to upgrade your macOS at all. You don’t say whether you are yet Mac-savvy, so at the risk of telling you something you already know, to check your macOS version and your hardware version:

  1. Click on the Apple menu (the Apple logo at the extreme upper left of your screen once your machine finishes booting.)
  2. Choose the “about this Mac” menu item.

You should see both the macOS (or possibly OS X) version, and the exact model of Mac in the dialog window that shows. If you post them here, we can help further.

Wow! Thanks for that detailed response!! SINCERELY appreciate every thought and word you put into your answer. I should receive my friend’s MacBook day after tomorrow, and being a Windows user, all things MacBook/Apple are new to me. Does Apple charge for an IOS update/upgrade? I’ve been waiting for the updated Scrivener ever since L&L released the upgrade.

As a daily user of Scrivener on a nine years old MacBook I can guarantee you that you won’t have any problem using Scrivener on a five year old one. Updates to the last available operating system are for free.

A: So, I can receive the 5.5 year old MacBook, (having only ever used Windows)

B:Upgrade the system/,software from Apple for the MacBook. (With no cost?)

C:Then sign up as a MacBook user (,I’ve ONLY used Windows, in the past) for Scrivener’s NEW program?
I’m just shocked, because Windows charges for every update!
I really can’t thank you enough for this info. Due to my illness, I have very little cash to spare, so this is FANTASTIC news!!!

No cost.

Since you own a licence for Scrivener for Windows, there will be a discounted charge for your Scrivener macOS licence - details here.

Y’all officially ROCK! An enormous weight escaped the untimely burdens and thoughts (Catchy writing words, right? Lol.) I don’t know what I’d do without Scrivener, Dear Scrivener pals, I most certainly don’t know what I would do without each and every one of you. The only needed addition now is the Macbook!
I finished (and won!) Camp NaNoWriMo, and Scrivener offers a 50% discount. I have exactly $25, to spare, so, YAY! Celebration time!
How’s it going in your neck of the Scrivener -writing woods. Is the update awesome? Or stuffing your mind with frustration instead? I
Can’t wait to get the upgrade!
Thanks to all!!

Btw, Hugh, in the midst of my MacBook/Scrivener 3 excitement, I left out something else: the quote below your comment. It’s awesome. Inspiring. And, it’s got just enough kick get a writer going again. Your own (less colorful, lol) version of SICHOK! (Sit In Chair, Hands On Keys!)

Regarding the upgrade and how awesome it is:

It is most exceedingly awesome and I have no desire whatsoever to return to Scrivener 2. I can do things with the S3 compile that I only dreamed of with S2. Omnibus volumes! Front matter that I need not format by hand!

That said, I urge you to take an hour or six to get to know the new awesomeness, and for Heaven’s sake, don’t convert anything for which you have a deadline next week. Menu items have changed location, and new ones have been added. Compile has been completely rewritten. Oh, you can see the family resemblance, but it’s like meeting someone you haven’t seen for seven years, and he’s been working out—intimidating at first. Do go through the Scrivener 3 Update Guide for Scrivener 2 Users ( and of course the tutorial that comes with Scriv 3, especially the What’s New part.

Have fun!

Congratulations on your escape from the Darkside, Luke.

Hello All,

Just UpGraded a Late-2008 to Mac OSX 10.13.4 :: Now Using Scrivener 3 :: MacBook Pro

I used a FREE Patch and the Operating System :: Works with Scrivener 3 like a Charm.

ALSO, I UpGraded a Late 2011 to OSX 10.13.4 using the same OSX but I did not need the Patch. MacBook Pro, as well.

So, You should be Golden.

Let me know if You need more Information…

Pura Vida

Costa Rica

You’ve been amazing! I’ve yet to receive the MacBook from my friend (still have no idea if it’s the air or pro - just mid-2012.), she’s waiting for a friend to clean it out (pics, programs history, I assume.) My main concern is if I am unable to upgrade to anything above 10.7, wil the new version of Scrivener/Scrivener 3 actually work on my mac. I took great care to note that Scrivener states very clearly that the version MUST be at or above 10.10 (Ex: MacOs Sierra 10.12) Chances are, mine will be Mac OS X v 10.7 Lion, or MAC OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, etc… Definitely feel like pulling out my hair!! Fingers crossed that I’ll get it these next couple days!!! Will update soon! Thanks again! Without your genius and generosity, I’d be fumbling the in the dark.

I ran Scrivener 3 very successfully on a 2010 MacBookAir with MacOS 12, and briefly after upgrading it to MacOS 13; I then trade it in for a newer MacBook Pro as I needed more CPU power for other things. Your 2012 MB-whatever should upgrade to MacOS 12+ without problem.



I’m using Scrivener 3.0.2, running on macOS 10.13.4, using an older MacBook Pro 2012 (the very first Retina screen). There are no problems. Everything still runs fast. :slight_smile:

When I got a MacBook Pro, the problem was’t Scrivener, but the Mac itself. I pretty much hated it and fought it over such simple things as making a new folder and saving where I wanted.

I see posts where others take to the Mac system easily, but I didn’t - went back to my Windows laptop and pretty much stayed there except for the one program that made me get the Mac to start with until Scriv 3 came out. At that point I wanted to use 3 enough to go back and fight with the Mac system some more.

Things improved mightily when I wised up, abandoned the trackpad, and got a regular mouse - at least once I figured out how to make the mouse work the way I wanted. Things like the lack of a Backspace key still annoy me, but I’m getting around in the programs I need without much tooth gnashing now.

Hope you are one of those to whom it comes easy, but you’re like me, give it some time. It will probably help that you won’t have the option of fleeing back to a Windows machine.