Desperately want same wordcount tools as Mac version

A friend of mine has the Mac version of Scrivener, and she can put the due date for her novel in the Project Targets tool and have her wordcount tracked to be sure she’s on time to make deadline for her novel. I really wish the Windows version had this as well, instead of the very simple wordcount/session target tool it currently has.

Thanks for the feedback! There is generally no reason to post wish requests for stuff that is already a part of the intended design, however. :slight_smile: Where the Windows version is behind is only a matter of steady progress toward making them both as close as possible. Since the Windows version is several years younger, it hasn’t caught up yet.

Though it only covers three months of the year, if you happen to be writing in April, November or July, you can actually use the nanowrimo/campnano site(s) to track progress like this. :slight_smile: And if you write more than 50k you get a load of free vouchers too, which is always a plus.

EDIT: Oh, just remembered as I hit reply. You can actually use a nano catchup spreadsheet for this too. I’ll see if I have a copy of the file. :smiley:

EDIT2: I don’t seem to have my old copy anymore, but I did find a new one made last year. :slight_smile:

I would like to add to this suggestion. It would be great to see percentages in the word count summaries on the bottom of editor, and in the project targets window. Either as a label included in the interface, or as a tooltip during the mouse-over event.

For example…

Project targets window:
Progress bar label = 37.6%
43,212 of 115,000 Words

Editor footer toolbar:
Words: 851/1,500 b[/b]

I saw the response earlier about Windows version being several years behind the Mac version… yet this post is two years old and still no project deadline feature? :frowning:

Any idea whether this feature will be implemented soon? I’d love to have it!

I’m just going to throw my hat into this and say ME TOOO! I recently looked over my mac-user writer friend’s shoulder and couldn’t believe the differences! I assumed my copy was grievously out of date before doing some research on the boards.

I’ve seen several posts from late 2013 saying the goal is for Windows parity early this year. Are we close to that goal at all?