Detach / seperate various windows also icon folders

I looked and only see a topic about this from 2014 so I thought i’d bring it up again. It would be nice t obe able to detach various windows from the frame and rearrange them. You can simulate some of this functionality by rearranging and split screen but I find the bezel between my windows to be kind of frustrating.

Or even just being to insert a sort of “null window” to put over the bezel would be nice,

It could be that there is a way to do this that I haven’t found, if so my apologies.

Also would be nice to be able to arrange your icons in folders or drop down lists, I use a lot of icons and it’s somewhat cumbersome finding the right one. (Maybe I went overboard with the icons).

Are you the one that just posted on FB about this? I thought it was a great idea.

My understanding (I may be wrong) is that there is a way to organize the icons into categories. But I am not the one to tell you how to do that…

On Windows, it’s not possible at the moment. I think you can do it on Mac version though but I may be wrong about this.

As for the detachment of various elements of the interface - it’s not going to happen. There were old threads about this, somewhere in the forum, and the devs said no.


The way to sort your icons is to name them with a parenthetical at the end that matches to other parentheticals. It’s counter-intuitive to me, but effectively, it goes something like this:

Larch (trees)
Pine (trees)

Both would be sorted into a “trees” folder when browsing for icons to apply to binder items. I believe this is how it works on Mac, but since the implementation of “text” icons and the addition of emoji, I haven’t bothered finding/making icons.

Even if for some reason they’ve drawn a red line on the detach issue, being able to split your screen into 3 would let you cover the bezel, and it seems like rearranging the binder and inspector panels shouldn’t be unreasonable requests, but maybe they are I don’t know.

Yes, I’m the one what posted about this on Facebook.

On the Mac, and in the Windows Beta, you can have additional windows (as well as splitting the editor into four: two editors and two ‘copy holders’ ).

The additional windows are called Quick Reference windows and they can show any document’s text, synopsis, comments and so on — basically, almost anything you can see in an Editor or Inspector. All the information is editable, and you can have as many QR windows open as you want.

Four editable windows open (you can remove the headers and footers of each window separately — I’ve left them in so you can see there are four different documents being edited at once):

Quick Reference window with custom metadata.

NB: the QR windows are locked to a particular document: if you want to see the text / metadata of another document, you open another window: i.e. They are not ‘floating inspectors’, but perhaps you’ll find a combination of these features which will help?


Hey… A while ago there was a rumour that the ability to drag panels like the Binder to a second monitor was in the works.
Wondering if this is now possible or being worked on?
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We don’t discuss future plans.

It has always been possible to drag Quick Reference panes and other secondary windows to a second monitor. It is not possible to break the main window into separately draggable pieces.