Developmental Editor Needed

Hello, I need some help doing some developmental editing (simplifying and moving text, etc.) not line editing (grammar and diction) for a 110k word book. The book is about quantitative finance so it is technical (not popular or narrative) non-fiction. The audience is advanced, so the work will probably require a good deal of discussion to educate the editor.
financialeditorjob at
dot com

For something this specialized, you might also look for a relevant professional organization. The people who publish journals and textbooks in the field might be able to recommend someone.

Thank you. Good idea.

@mrobbins I’m financially literate, although not a quant. Is the draft complete or are you looking for someone who can help shape at an early stage?

I presume you’re looking for editorial notes rather than someone to line-edit / produce a second draft, but it would be good to get an early view if that’s not the case. A sample chapter / section would be helpful to get a feel of how much work is likely to be needed both in the manuscript itself and as a learning curve on the topic.

Final two things I’d want to know upfront are what timescales you’re looking at, and what your budget is.

Message me on the forum if interested and I can send my email address.

Apologies - one more thing is the intended audience for the work.