Devonthink links

Testing Scapple a bit more, and liking it very much.

I notice that if a note is a URL like, it can be converted into a clickable link.

Would it be very difficult to make the same true for Devonthink item links, like
x-devonthink-item://34DA9744-7A5D-439F-81AA-BEBDFEA98AFAR ?

That would allow great flexibility, methinks.



This already works - just select the text, use Edit > Add Link, and paste in the DevonTHINK document item URL. I just tried it myself, so it definitely works, unless I’m missing some factor.

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No, you’re absolutely correct: it works.
I am entirely satisfied with this system, but I wonder would a cutting and pasting approach not be more intuitive.
As for me, I don’t need it, because now I know how its done. But for others who don’t?

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Hi Declan!

This also works already: Right click (or ctrl-click) on the item in DEVONthink and select „Copy Item Link“. Now switch to Scapple, double click to create a new note and paste. Violà: A nice link to the DEVONthink item with the item title as the link text. I have done this a lot today to link to my research docs and it works really well this way.



Nemesis, you’re quite right.
I don’t know why, but I didn’t realize that you have to make a note and insert the link in the note.
I was just pasting onto the board, without first making a note.
Sometimes the human brain is addled.


Doubt there are many Yojimbo users here since DevonThink appears to be the preference, but a similar technique also works with Yojimbo.

Actually, there’s one Yojimbo user here! I also have DevonThink Pro, but I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never used it, I suppose for two reasons: (i) as in my work, I don’t need a massive research repository and analysis app., and (ii) not having an actual need for it, I have never got to grips with it and it seems too arcane.

On the other hand, I use Yojimbo for storing pass-words in a pass-word protected area — I also use 1Password, but Yojimbo is a useful back up and I was using it loooong before 1Password came along — and for storing serial numbers etc. of my apps, dumping pdfs of receipts and invoices into it, and then any other items that I want to have available in an archive, odd recipes and such like — not many of these latter items. So I’m at home in Yojimbo … but it’s only connection with Scrivener for me is that’s where my registration info is.

Mr X

PS Another multi-posting “Mark” having joined the forums, I’ll use my alternative appellation in the form given me by Jaysen from now on!

Hi xiamenese:

Your post more or less sums up my attitude to DT. I have no doubt that for those who master it it is an excellent tool, but I didn’t find its analysis of any great benefit and in the end decided it wasn’t worth the bother.

I don’t use YJ for research since I use Bookends for that, but as a big bucket for random URLs, PDFs and any text clippings I find it really useful. To anything I come across that might be useful in an academic context I simply attach appropriate tags. Evernote would probably cover the same ground.

Now if BareBones could improve the iPad version and finally nail 2-way sync that would be great, but judging by Rich Siegel’s post on the YJ forum regarding the difficulties devs are having with Apple’s Core Sync, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.