DevonThink Pro and Personal on MacUpdate for 50% off

Since DevonThink is discussed here now and then, I thought it might be of interest to some people that both the pro and personal versions are half off through MacUpdate right now (

A search of these forums would probably return various relevant threads about the program and its competitors, because I know there are quite a few people around here who have a weakness for personal information manager programs.

I had DTP Office trial version for almost a month now, and I damn WANT it. I’m entitled to an educational discount, which is 25% - that is, DTP Office is supposed to cost me 112.46$.
At MacUpdate I get 50% on DEVONthink Pro (price reduced to 39.98$). Buyers can then upgrade to DTP Office for extra 70$, so the total is 109.98$. Which saves me 2.48$. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
BUT. Maybe I can get a 25% discount for the upgrade. I’m not sure that’s the case if I purchase through MacUpdate.
And, most likely, there’s SOMETHING wrong with my math. :open_mouth:
Anyway. 'Nuff procrastinating. Back to NaNo. :neutral_face:

The very generous DEVONtechnologies allow a discounted upgrade after registering the product’s license through their website.

Where was I? Oh yes. Back to NaNo.

Duly bought. Again, it’s something that I’ve heard enough good things about to warrant it being in the ‘useful tools’ category for when I need it. Thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:

Also bought Adobe Photoshop CS5 today. I think I need to hide my wallet for a while ‘somewhere safe’ so I don’t know where it is :blush:


That you still even have a wallet left is amazing.

Oh, Eddy! I love you! :blush: You make me feel less guilty about buying DTP Office today!

Shiny software shopping sweetly scintillates satisfaction senses!


Yeah, I have seriously pondered DTP for a couple years, so finally took the plunge and bought this afternoon.

Note: I did NOT buy Photoshop, because two years ago I bought the entire Adobe CS4 (Acrobat, Bridge, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop) Master Collection (education price $590).

exegete77, you aren’t missing out. CS5 was, at best, an minor incremental upgrade in my opinion. I went from CS3 to CS5, which was a big jump, but CS4 (which I had on an office machine for a while) was not substantially inferior to CS5.

You all talked me into it so I bought using the special offer. However, I’m having a little troube working out how to enter the serial number. I’ve registered it with DT but cannot see where to enter it in the program. It must be me, so advice would be appreciated.


It is under Help -> Enter licenses

As a technical writer, InDesign CS5 was the first version to let me switch from FrameMaker. While it is still not a true FM replacement, the new version includes most of the ‘basics’ that were still not in CS4, plus a series of modern features that makes the balance between pluses and minuses be in favour of ID. New important feature might not be immediately evident, but they are for writers of long manuals (to be released on several different formats).

Premiere was another greatly improved app. But I admit that Photoshop and Illustrator appear to me as refinements of the previous version. Heavier users might think in a different way.