DevonTHINK Pro in new MU bundle

Hi everyone,

maybe some of you are interested in getting DTP for cheap. The new MacUpdate bundle for $50,- contains this, along with a few other interesting apps (for me at least). Since DTP regularly is $80,- the MU bundle seems to be a nice offer (and no, I’m not affiliated whatsoever :wink: ).

Here’s the link:

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That’s a steal, especially considering the inclusion of Prizmo, since the main thing missing from DTP in relation to DTP Office is OCR.

Don’t tempt me!

Nearly right: DT Pro = multiple databases, DT Pro Office = OCR … so nothing tempting for your paperless office in there :frowning:.

Right, that was my point. :slight_smile: DTP does not have OCR, but the MacUpdate promo itself has an OCR package included, and it seems to be fairly well regarded. So in other words you get the biggest draw of DTP Office (granted, not integrated, but that’s no biggie) with this promo.