Dialogue and formatting

Hi to all on the board…
Maybe you can help me with some adaptation I have to make.
I used to work in screenwriting, where software really help you format dialogue.
But as I am turning a script into a novel, I just have real trouble having my dialogues nicely formatted. If I put an hyphen at the beginning of a line, Scrivener will often behave as it is a list. And sometimes not.
Any suggestions?

I’m extremely new to Scrivener, and am still working out my own problems with the program. But one thing I thought was made very clear in the tutorial (I did the full version), is that the program is intended as a organizational tool for writing your draft(s). They intend for you to compile your final work into the format for whatever full featured word processor you usually use. I’ll be working up drafts in Scrivener, and then exporting for Final Draft where I’ll do all the finishing touches. In other words, I don’t think there were claims that you could use Scrivener on its own for your final, polished product.


Well, I understand this, but I am far from a newcomer on Scrivener, and even if style formatting is not the strong point of the program, I am about sure there is a way to properly manage dialogues, novel format, using what is there.
I just exported my draft in the Kindle format, and my dialogues appears as bullet-style lists!