Dialogue Quotations

Is there any plans to automatically add dialogue quotation marks?

For example, if I write -

Go fly a kite, Rich, said Polly.

Will scriviner automatically add -

["]Go fly a kite, Rich,["] said Polly.

This would be AMAZING.

Rich said ‘David said “I’m not sure how the program would know whether individual phrases were part of a speech, or just part of a speech that is being reported in direct speech”’.

‘Do you mean he thinks “How would the program know if one speaker was speaking his own words, or was just reporting verbatim the words of another speaker?”’ Polly asked.

‘Well, yes,’ said Rich ‘How would it know the difference between direct and indirect quotation - sometimes the only difference can be one or words in the entire quotation. At least, David says it seems like that to him.’

‘So do you think he’s saying “It’s a nice idea, but it sounds a bit too complicated to me”’, Polly said.

‘I think he thinks so, but as he says, “I could be wrong”.’

“And as the,” said Polly, “still didn’t understand what,” he was saying, “she became terribly confused.”