Can anyone recommend a handheld dictaphone that is voice-activated and can plug straight into a mac (and is recognised) via usb?

Any help appreciated.



I don’t know about voice activated but an Ipod with the add on microphone is a good dictaphone.

Depending on model you have a piece of kit that can play music, play videos, store photos, documents, surf the web, play games as well as work at being a dictaphone.


You might want to look at the Yamaha Pocketrak 2G

Thanks, that’s a nice looking machine that I’ve not seen before; the market seems suffused with Olympus machines. :slight_smile:

Don’t want to spoil anything, and I haven’t tried the Yamaha, but to my experience the Olympus are well engineered tools, slightly expensive but durable. I used to have a DS30 with 256mb storage - not much, but filling it up takes at least 2-3 hours speaking at highest quality and I never talked that much into it.

Did anyone tried the iPhone/iPod solution for real?

I have an Ipod classic with a microphone attached. Apart from testing it when it arrived from Ebay I have never used it. It is used by the wife to record notes and improve her studies.

It does not fit the Ipod Touch so I cannot say whether or not it would prove useful to me in making notes.

The obvious advantage of an Ipod as a dictating device is the large memory. I think they go up to 60gb now. If its the classic you can use it as a spare hard drive, With the touch you have less memory and it doesnt act as a drive unless you download a program (not approved by Apple).


If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you might like to look at iDicataphone ($0.99) or Ultimate Voice Recorder (for iPhone, $4.99, they don’t say if it would work with the Touch under the same conditions/limitations as iDictaphone).

I haven’t used either of them — I have a Touch — but they sound quite interesting, and at 99 cents if you have an iPhone, worth trying. I don’t know how much the Apple mike, necessary for the Touch is.


I’ve settled on a 2nd hand Olympus WS 311M which I’ve just received through eBay. It’s a nice little machine, a littled plasticy but with metal buttons and voice activated recording. I like the fact that you can pull the bottom half off, plug it into a usb port and just drag files onto the mac.

Thanks all for your input. :smiley:

PS I did try recording onto my iphone but it just didn’t seem to work as a dictation machine. I do use evernote on it on which you can make a voice note but that is generally just a sentence which gets synched with Evernote online. For longer recorsings I think a dedicated machine is more suitable.