Dictation on Mac Problems

I’ve gone back to using Dictation on my Mac, because of hand problems I’ve developed. But it’s driving me crazy. It keeps inserting particular words, for no reason. I get “Emily”, “remind”, and “oh me.” It’ll do it when I’m not saying anything. It’ll insert them at the beginning of a statement. It’s a 2015 macbook pro, and Monterey, 12.0.1. Has anyone run into this kind of thing before? I have no idea why it would pick these particular words.

There are more recent versions of Monterey. That would be the first thing I would try.

Huh, I’m surprised. The store has not been notifying me of upgrades for the OS. Weirdness. I did see I can’t install Ventura. I’ll try that.

You can’t update to Ventura (13.x), but you can update to 12.6.7. Or rather 12.6.8, which Apple released today.

Updated to the latest version of the OS. The problem is still there. It looks like it’s voice control not dictation itself. Incredibly annoying. Also annoying is the fact that dictation by itself shuts off all the time not leaving me much time to think about what it is I want to write.

This is a Mac support question, not a Scrivener question, so I’m moving the thread to a better location.

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So I chatted with Apple support this morning. They had me boot up in safe mode, then reboot into regular mode, and it fixed it. Safe mode apparently does a bit of a reset of a few things. Dictation with voice control now working very well, better I think than it was when I used it to dictate a book last spring.