Dictionary and spelling

Hi. Some questions about the dictionary and spell checking.

Turn off red underline?
Where do I turn off the red underline on misspelled words? The Scrivener Manual pdf seems to indicate that it is under the Corrections tab in Preferences, but I do not see that option. It also seems to indicate that it may be under Edit-Spelling, but all that does is bring up the spell checker window, which has no options.

Adding personal words to dictionary
I have found the hunspell folder where there is another folder named dict, in which there is a file called en-US.dic. This is a plain text file. My custom dictionary from Microsoft Word is also plain text with the same file extension.

I copied all of my custom dictionary into en-US.dic and saved it. After reopening S3, it appears to be working as expected. Is it really that simple? Or am I setting myself up for a gotcha down the road? Say, will en-US.dic be replaced when S3 is updated, and I’ll need to merge the two again?

Any other considerations re: messing with en-US.dic?

Also, when I manually add a new word to the dictionary using the Learn Spelling, where are these added words stored? They are not being added to en-US.dic.

Thank you!

That’s not where your learned words are stored, as you said, and so it is likely to be replaced if the en-US dictionary is updated in a later patch release. (It’s also not simply a plain text file; the hunspell format is actually pretty complex to allow the smallest amount of entries to match the largest number of possible words.

To move your custom wordlist, check out this thread:


All references to Scrivener 2.9 are to the 3.0 beta, so it should still work the same.

You cannot turn off the underline without turning off “Check spelling as you type.” That option, and the ability to choose dots or waves for the line style, are under File / Options / Corrections / Spelling.