Dictionary Bug (024)

Minor, but annoying. The words added to my "Personal word list " failed to make it across in the upgrade from 023 to 024. In addition in both versions, if I add a word which has previously already been underlined by Aspell as incorrect several times, I then have to go through and click each instance to make the underlining go away.

Thanks. I’ve been looking into the dictionary bugs yesterday and today and I’ll be adding those to the known bugs list here, too.

  1. Word list not making it across: I’m assuming this means you’ve gone into Options and chosen “View Personal Word List” and it’s blank, yes? Did you upgrade from within the program or did you uninstall 023 and then install 024 fresh? I’ve seen a couple reports on preferences getting wiped, which shouldn’t have happened when updating from within the program, and any details here would be appreciated.

  2. The persistent underlining is a pretty fantastic bug. Here are two things I’ve found:

  • a) Learned words does work, but you have to focus in each paragraph in that document before the underlining in that paragraph goes away (but you shouldn’t have to click on the specific word, just click in the paragraph where it appears); alternatively, reloading the document should make the underlines for the learned word disappear from all paragraphs.
  • b) Opening the Options and clicking “Apply” or “Okay” without modifying the personal word list causes the dictionary to not recognize all your previously learned words, although they are still in the list; you also can’t relearn them. Once you learn a new word (or add a word to the list via the Options), all the other words on the list will be recognized again, though the underlining bug above still applies, so you have to reload/focus in the paragraphs in the open document.

Thanks. That was quick!

  1. Yes the word list was blank when I looked at it from 024, and clearly to me while using Scrivener, nothing was happening to my repeated unrecognised words either. I upgraded using the download on the Scrivener for Windows page. I did not uninstall first. I find the upgrade process a bit erratic. Sometimes it will upgrade and open with my project still in place. Other times, like this one, I have to rescue my project afterwards from the final backup file I do before I upgrade. It may be that backups do not keep word lists?
  2. Yes closing and reopening applied the wordlist. A bit of a pain as I discover missing wordlist words, and I have not tried out your other “Apply” bug. Glad you found it though.