Dictionary in 2.8

Apologies, KB, sent a “bug” report without checking here first.

Has anybody else found the Dictionary icon inactive in the new 2.8 version for Mac OS?

It didn’t matter which document I was in or which view mode that document was in. The Dictionary button did not respond. Have I missed the blazingly obvious? Wouldn’t be the first time.

It’s an inconvenience, but nothing more for now. With the new release and the iOS version work, I can imagine you’re busy. So, I won’t hold my breath…whenever time allows.


OK. I’m an idiot. Had to have the focus in a document not the binder.

I’ll just go off into the corner now and put on a pointy hat.


Too tired I guess. Can’t find where my original “bug” report was made from. Can a mod see that it gets deleted, so nobody wastes any time investigating it? Not sure correct protocol here. Apologies,