Dictionary lookup from keyboard: target word is wrong


When place the cursor over the target word and use the Apple “lookup in dictionary” keystroke combo (Command + control + D) I see one of several results.

  1. The word under the cursor is not defined in the resulting popup. A different word, typically 6 lines nearly directly and vertically above the current selection, is defined.

  2. The word under the cursor is defined in the popup as expected, though the popup is often a few inches below the word being defined (but not always).
    I only see the appropriate behavior when the word is within the first seven-eight lines of the document. If I add blank lines to move a line of text below that point, the key combo no longer works as expected (see #1).

  3. Nothing happens. No popup or feedback of any kind. This seems to be the case when I choose a word beyond the first seven lines of text AND the word is not approximately aligned with another word 6 lines above.

This behavior occurs in a brand new, one text file project that I created to test this and other projects as well.

Interestingly, if I highlight a word and use the contextual menu, the dictionary lookup works as expected anywhere in the file.

The key combo for the dictionary lookup works as expected in TextEdit and jeditX.

I am running beta4 on an Intel Mac Pro with 10.4.8.


I am unable to reproduce this. Cmd-Ctrl-D works fine, it always selects the correct word. I tried using Edit Scrivenings and not; in an established project and in a new one. Anyone else?

Update: I use dual monitors.
I only now noticed that only when Scrivener is open on my second monitor, I see this behavior.
When it is on the primary monitor, it behaves as expected.

This is also the case for other text editors so it is not a Scrivener bug.

Interestingly, if I place my browser windows on the second monitor, the key combo works fine. It only impacts my text editors.

Does anyone else with a dual monitor set up see this?

If this thread should be deleted, feel free to do so or ask and I will do it.


I see that effect with both Scrivener and TextEdit, when they are on a secondary monitor.

Sounds like an apple bug to me…

In my limited testing, it seems to work on both main monitor and secondary monitor for me. (PB running 10.4.8 )

I wonder if it only crops up if the two monitors are running at different resolutions? That is a weird one, I’ll have to look for it when I’m at work later.