Dictionary popup gets stuck on Lion

Most of the time when I call up the dictionary popup under lion it gets stuck on. I can click on it and get the dictionary app, but the popup never closes. I can collect several of them on the screen, and in this state they can’t be clicked on again (well you can click on them, but the dict app doesn’t come up). Once I had a bunch of them and opening a 4th crashed Scrivener. This is all in 2.1. In general I need to close the project to get rid of them.

Now in 2.1.1 I’m planning on going straight to the app, so this should mitigate, but there is something funny going on with them.

Hmm, this sounds like a Lion bug. Scrivener does nothing more than call through to NSView’s – showDefinitionForAttributedString:range:options:baselineOriginProvider:, using exactly the same code since Leopard (but Lion has changed what this method does). I can’t reproduce the bug, though.

Anyone else see this. The popup gets stuck on for me nearly 100% of time (at least 95%) and it’s really annoying. I have to close the project to get rid of it.

Yup, I’ve not actually seen it myself (and I’ve tried really hard to get it to happen), but I do have multiple reports of this. It does seem to be an Lion bug that only impacts some people—and like you say if you do get bit by it, it happens almost all of the time. Might want to drop a note to:


It has happened to me once, a restart of Scrivener seemed to clear it. I’ve been waiting for it to happen again so I could note the context/triggers for it, but… well the Dictionary now just works.

Best I can suggest is a restart of OS X then, if it keep occurring, note the circumstances. e.g. does it occur in window mode, full screen mode or compose mode? Does it occur in all projects or just one? Split window or single? etc

I’ve seen just about every combination reported and tested. Integration between full screen spaces and non; composition mode and out; regular editors with nothing fancy going on; splits. I think whatever it is, it goes beneath any surface qualities or requirement in Scrivener.

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