Dictionary randomly rejects words

My issue concerns the dictionary. I have over time added quite a few words to my Personal Word List. As well common use words missing from the Danish and English Dictionary, as well as fictitious word.
However lately Scrivener is starting to indicate words already on the Personal Word List as grammatical errors.

On top of that there is an increasing number of words (even common use) it will not allow me to add. I can still choose to ‘ignore’ the indicated error, but when re-opening the project, the same words are marked as erroneous.
It seems to be quite random which words the Dictionary / Personal Word List is willing to add or recognize as ‘valid’ additions.

Hope this issue is something someone more well-versed in Scrivener is able to help solve.

You could try to follow point 1 only of my guide and take a peek to your wordlists.ini file.
[Windows] Improvement suggestion to personal words list - #7 by mattarmon

Scrivener stores your custom dictionary inside that file. You can open it by double-click on most pc configurations and report back your findings.


It seems that the ‘wordlist.ini’ is not too fond of European letters. Like we have specific letters replacing contractions such as ae, oe and aa which had been turned into a random numeric code replacing these letters.

Also if a word in Danish is a contraction of more words it is causing issues. A similar example in English could be the word Entertainment - which when roughly ‘dissected’ contains the words → ‘enter’ and ‘men’, which in and of itself is actual words. This is resulting in the Enter and Men within the word Entertainment to be replaced with a numeric code. Except this is mainly an issue with common use Danish words, which evidently is missing in the Danish Dictionary Downloadable within Scrivener.

Once I manually went through every single word in the Personal List part of the .ini file and corrected each error. I once again had to open my Project, still showing multiple words as errors, except this time Scrivener would actually accept them as new additions. Quite a painstaking process if one has to repeatedly, manually correct new additions, if the word happens to be a ‘contraction’ or contain specific Danish letters.

Guess there is no easy solution to this technical conundrum. Other than to try and extract the ‘Danish Dictionary’ and manually add every single common use word the original ‘compiler’ seems to have missed.

Does seem my immediate hurdle has been passed though. For that I thank you Matt.