Dictionary-Thesaurus Shorcut?

Any faster way to access those tools via a shortcut of some kind?

Now it takes an annoying number of highlights and clicks to find a definition or a synonym: highlight the text word; right click the mouse; click on writing tools; carefully move the mouse over, and down (half the times it slips off the drop down), and click on the tool selected.

Very unintuitive, and annoying set up. :neutral_face:

Any helpful suggestions? :slight_smile:

I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. Unfortunately, at present, as I understand it, there is no way to take just any menu item you want and either (a) add it to a toolbar or (b) make a keyboard shortcut for it. Both of those customization options are restricted to predefined lists of items, though in other threads it’s been suggested that this may be a possibility in the future.

This is a very good question and it does bring up something that I encountered last night when using the program. While using the Windows version and learning the various tabs and such I noticed I could not find either the American nor the English version of the Thesaurus.

Is there anyway this type of thing could be managed and/or corrected so a user can easily work with the application to maneuver changing the words – perhaps having the ability of doing so by right clicking?

Unsure if that type of change can happen in an update but it is a thought.

I select the word, right click. Menu comes up. Select WRITING TOOLS> then select online dictionary or online thesaurus
It can’t take more than 2 seconds

hello jay,

i have installed two free dictionary programs that offer short-cut/hot-key access. just put the cursor on the word and control+rightClick and presto the dictionary screen pops up with the word defs.

i use WordWeb regularly - more than the powerful The Sage program. WordWeb is not a fantastically powerful dictionary but it gets the job done. just need a little hint sometimes.

the hot-key dictionary access works in most of your windows applications including scrivener.

hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion, sjk … I’ll try those programs… :smiley:

Thanks sjk, that works a treat! :smiley: