Did Bookends stop talking to Scrivener?

Hi, for a few months now I can’t get Bookends and Scrivener to play together anymore. I don’t recall that I changed anything (probably did, but I have no idea what), but suddenly copying a citation into Scrivener duly switches applications (from Bookends to Scrivener), but nothing is inserted. It works with Word, so I assume that the problem is not with the Bookends app. Does anybody have any idea of where to look/what to do in settings? Thanks so much!

I have, and posted about it quite some time ago.


I still haven’t found a solution, but I use it so little that an extra Cmd-V is not a problem for me—I still keep Bookends updated, though.


I do remember that at some point I faced CMD-y not working too but that was quite some time ago and I found a way to fix it.

Since it is so long ago sadly I can’t remember what I did to get it going again. But I noticed that you, Mark, mentioned in the linked thread that you allowed both apps full disk access. I allowed neither. I do instead allow Bookends full control of my Mac in the accessibility section.

I use the latest and the non-MAS versions of both Scrivener and Bookends, I don’t know if that does make any difference.

I think the “Automation” section may be the most important to something like this. This strikes me as one of those classic 10.14 breakages, where at some point you were asked something like “Should X control Y”, and reflexively hit “no”, and from that point on integration is broken, and that is the pane where such things are usually recorded.

I just checked it, and indeed I have allowed Bookends control over Scrivener in the Automation section too. Wether the Automation setting or the Application setting or both are necessary to make CMD-y work I can’t tell. But full disk access is not.

Yes should look something like this:

As I mentioned on the other thread, remember newer Bookends also supports floating citation search, by default [ctrl][ctrl] brings up a floating search, find your ref and then use ⌘Y to paste in the citation (there are several other modifiers too).

Everyone, thank you so so much for your constructive comments! I really appreciate it, and will try them and see what happens! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My problem is that I cannot find that “Automation” panel anywhere on my system! What is the path to it?



It is a new panel introduced in 10.14, so you may not be seeing it if you are on your MBP 17" (at least going by the stats in your signature)—but then this speculation of what the problem is won’t be relevant to that system either. On the 13", go into System Preferences: Security & Privacy: Privacy tab. It will be one of the categories in the left sidebar, along with Contacts, Accessibility, etc.

Thanks. But on my system—it’s the 13” MBP I’m concerned with here—on that panel, Bookends is set to control NWP and vice versa, but there’s no mutual control between Bookends and Scrivener and apparently no way to add it!
Perhaps I’ll have to totally remove both Bookends and Scrivener, with all their associated .plist etc. files And then re-install from scratch. That is an awful lot of hassle simply to avoid an extra Cmd-V!