Did I Do It Wrong?

Hi there folks! I was trying to download the NaNoWriMo trial version of Scrivener which is supposed to work through November, however the version I downloaded just gave me 30 days which means it isn’t even November yet and I have less than 30 days of use left! Plus I was hoping that I would complete my 50,000 works and get the special discount which I am not sure will work with what I downloaded. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Firstly, we don’t care what you use to write your NaNo, let alone which version of the software you use. :slight_smile: Use a typewriter if you want, we hand out a discount copy of Scrivener to everyone that beats the goal.

As for the software, make sure you are downloading from this page. You should see a different welcome message, with the NaNo 2015 logo on the left side, when you start it up.